Kevin Rudd and Contact at 30 000 feet

PM apologises for mid-air meltdown

Kevin Rudd has apologised for verbally abusing a flight attendant on a Royal Australian Air Force flight earlier this year when the Prime Minister was not served the meal he wanted.

We see physiology in action. The Prime Minister gets hungry and seeks his food. His insulin levels are changing and so is his emotions as result of this. Somebody in catering stuffs up and the wrong meal is brough forward. The Prime minister acts like most hungry men, badly. Apparently one airforce trolly dolly was reduced to tears. Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo.

The Prime Minister did apologise.

Can somebody remind the cabin crew that they are in the defence forces and that they in theory are supposed to be able to take worse than a verbal bollocking. Is this the best our defence forces can do? This crew needs a reality check. This story just confims every prejudice that every ground pounder feels about the air farce. Knowing the air farce, they will nominating this sheila for a medal for bravery.

The Coalition has no business encouraging our defence force members to wimp out. Mr Tony Abbot need to be reminded that all our defence force members when they signed up, signed up to potentially die for the country and being sworn at by the Prime Minister while not necessarily spelt in the job description, is hardly the worst thing that could happen to you.


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