G13 – President Hu cuts short visit, to return to China.

According to China Daily, President Hu will cut short his visit to the G13/G8 meeting in Italy. The official reason is the trouble or riots in Xinjiang. This is ominous. It means that President Hu feels that China will get nothing out of this meeting and there would be a beating about the ears over China’s human rights record. I cannot blame President Hu for not wanting to put up with this sort of nonsense.

While China has a way to go on human rights, a destabilised China would be far worse for us in Australia. We too have secret detention without trial, thank Prime Minsters John Howard and Kevin Rudd.

There is a certain three letter organisation that is infamous for funding and training people for the sorts of events like those that have occurred in Xinjiang. The Chinese are very suspiscious.

There are still 13 participants at L’Aquilia and as all those students of the Tarot will tell you 13 is the number of irreversible change of which Death is the most typical.


(My hundredth post is about 13.)





Don’t Say G13, Say G8 plus 5 plus Egypt

Today Wednesday various world leaders are going to get together to have a talk fest. According to the folks over at China Daily there are going to be two lots of talks, in one venue the G8 and the other venue G5







United Kingdom





South Africa









It gets more confusing because it also be called the G14 since Egypt has been invited. Also our glorious leader Kevin Rudd will be along for later meetings. My internal conspiracy theorist says that he is along to get the good word and bring it back to the party faithful. The invitation to Egypt is the most enigmatic.