Why Jill Jordan was a Great Australian

Why do I consider Jill Jordan a Great Australian?

Jill through her life and works showed that it is possible to change the world. Try to grok that concept.

This is such a revolutionary concept that even the Australian Broadcasting corporation would only give her 15 minutes or half of an “Australian Story”. Jill probably only got this because the late Andrew Olley pulled strings.

Our current model which based on 20th century and Piscean thinking goes something like, if you have a problem, beg the government/corporation to help you. If you beg long enough and to the right people, some panjandrum in a corner office might notice you. The point is that your only power is that of begging.

Jill showed that not only that you can fix your problems yourself but how to do it.

Jill did have some notable losses, the most famous being the Woodford folk festival. (It should have been the Maleny folk festival). The tourist spin off still helps Maleny it was not a total loss.


Swine Flu a Good News /Bad News story

The ABC has reported the death of an Aboriginal man from Swine Flu, that is the bad news. My condolences to his family.

The good news is that this man is from a remote community,
in Western Australia and nobody else is currently ill with Swine flu. When you look up Kiwirrkurra on Google maps and see how remote this place is, it looks like just about everybody who was going to be exposed to this virus has been. This means that if you live in Australia, that sneeze you had 2 days ago may have been your case of the Swine flu.

This is the kind of thing epidemiologists look for. Current thinking is that viruses tend to attenuate (lessen morbidity) with time but transmissability increases with time (simple selection pressures or evolution in action).

In my opinion, our public health gurus have being very cautious over the last couple of weeks which is a good thing but they have also have tested in real time some of the protocols. Afterall how do you handle a thousand passenger cruise liner? Shutting down primary schools may contain the virus but will the same work for a high school where teenagers may not be content to stay at home?


Of course I may be disasterously wrong and Swine flu may come back with a vengeance.

Should Australia buy Facebook?

Should the Australian government buy Facebook and integrate it into the ABC?


We know the BBC for better or worse acts as an incredible marketing tool for all sorts of British endeavours both commercial and political. The ABC does this to a lesser extent however if it were to be combined with a social networking site like Facebook there are certain synergies that will occur. Daniel Johns of silverchair will certainly attest to the power of the ABC to sustain our Australian music industry.

There would be annual operating costs, that seem to be on a par with the kind of costs of our annual government expenditure on Tourism advertising. Plus there is a revenue stream from focussed advertising from the original business model. I keep thinking about all those Canadians getting a regular reminder about Gold Coast beaches in middle of January. Also at current costing it would cost less to run Facebook for a year than to buy one of those mythical Joint Strike Fighters.

Certain programming jobs could be based in Australia and help build skills in Australia.

The internet now has strategic implication for a country’s future and this allows us to have a say in this.

Just think of JJJ running Unearthed music competitions and how it could be used to promote Australian artists globally.

On the dark side, the Australian government would have files on the current 275 million and eventual 500 million users.

Post inspired by Facebook Is Hunting for More Money


Conspiracy Alert?

On Monday, the Prime Minister Lee Kuwin (Kevin Rudd) leaves for Washington saying that he will tell President Obama that the Chinese need a bigger say in the running of the world.

Wednesday, the Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon gets dropped in the shit. A close relationship with a Chinese-Australian business woman Helen Liu was revealed with the minister eventually admitting to two trips paid for by Ms Liu to China. The minister has only been in the job for nearly a year and half. The dirty laundry apparently fell off a DSD truck.

It may come as a surprise but the secret police do run a dossier on our elected leaders as soon as they have to be trusted with state secrets. Any dirty laundry would have been noted over a year ago. The timing is very curious.

Is the Government being cautioned? Is sailing too close to the China coast something that our glorious allies the USA and the UK do not want us to do?


Believe it or not, it is common practice to have these sort of trips to allow networking between various players. It is a two way street.


I am ambiguous about the following that the ABC posted

China trips business as usual, says Smith


But Professor Clive Williams, from the department of strategic and defence studies at the Australian National University, says there are dangers in powerful Australians having links to people close to the Chinese Government.

“China is very adept at manipulating people and one of the things that they often do is to get people to visit China and during the visit they’ll try and compromise them,” he said.

“They’ll almost certainly copy the contents of their laptop for further use in the future – that sort of thing.

“You’ve got to be very careful about how you deal with people that are close to the Chinese Government.”



I should point out all governments do the above, it is standard operating procedure. The USA and UK however do copy the files of the laptop, they get them off the network via Echelon.

Joel Fitzgibbon while apparently has a poor memory does come out of the NSW Labor party where should we say a certain degree of street smarts is acquired very early on.

Of course Joel Fitzgibbon may be the ALP version of Peter Reith.

George Friedman, Breakfast, Radio National 9 Mar 2009

George Friedman of Stratfor

George Friedman of Stratfor

Many feel that the global economic crisis has left a question mark over America’s future status as world leader. But George Friedman, forecaster and intelligence analyst believes that we’re on the brink of a new era in American power and that the US will continue to dominate, not just throughout the next century, but for the next 500 years.

Title: The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century
Author: George Friedman
Publisher: Black Inc.

I checked the comments at Amazon, the most common observation is that Mr Friedman’s book is thought-provoking but then so are Michael Leunig’s cartoons.

One hundred years ago the pre-eminent power in the world was the British Empire, they controlled the seas like the US does today. Where is the British Empire today?

Apparently Mr Friedman feels that China will not hold and that it will be dominated by Japan.

I think I will read the book but I will wait for a remaindered copy before purchase.

Peter Morici on Breakfast, Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Alice-in-Wonderland financing

Peter Morici

Peter Morici

Peter Morici is a regular contributor to Counterpunch. From this interview Peter seems to be a fiscal conservative.

Here Peter is discussing the President Barack Obama’s stimulus package.
Quotes –
“We are leaving the era of Voodoo Economics and entering the era of Alice-in-Wonderland financing.”

“We have a test case right now, we call it California… They can neither afford the welfare state they have nor can they trim it.”

Peter Schiff on Breakfast, Radio National Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 25 Feb 2009

Part of writing a blog is recording for myself events and issues. I include this interview of Peter Schiff of Europacific Capital because of his large following. If you have been following Peter Schiff there will be little that you have not already heard.

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff

In summary Peter says that the USA debt burden is too high, argues for the efficient allocation of capital by allowing creative destruction (taking the pain quickly and massively, and shift from consumption and debt to saving and production. He mentions that there is a global cost to the USA continuing to consume.

To listen (quality may vary) or search Radio National at abc.net.au or check Europacific Capital as Peter normally captures everything for the record.

To download for better quality sound.
Peter Schiff, Breakfast

The implications for Australia is that our national paradigm is based on a strong USA with a growing economy. We rely on this to shape our financial policy, our foreign policy, our trade policy and our defence policy. To argue that we need to make major changes is a bit like trying to argue the theory of Evolution before the Pope at the time of the Reformation.