On Heather Gray’s A New Perspective on the Confederacy

The good folks at Counterpunch published an article by Heather Gray called A New Perspective on the Confederacy.

I invite all interested people to read Heather’s article.

This aspect of the American civil war, I have never seen before. I know in Australian history that a huge amount of our political thought came out of the USA. I will probably find that there is some Australian historian that has linked the the rise of radical ideas coming from the political challenges that the working class faced in the Civil war.


Michael Hudson on GFC , solving by debt jubilee

From the Renegade Economist.



Hat tip to Red Tory.

Michael Hudson is also a regular contributor to Counterpunch (link on side).

Farewell George Walker Bush

George W Bush

George W Bush


It is hard to beat writing like this.

What a record: stolen elections, corporate greed, fraud and corruption, unlimited spending, wealth redistribution (to the top), no checks and balances, rampant militarization, the destruction of Iraq, permanent war, and unquantifiable, unrepayable national debt. Not many world emperors are able to create a vast wasteland, call it a government, and then retire.

Pepe Escobar Atol 17 Jan 2009

George will be missed

by Fidel Castro,

      Osama Bin Laden,

      Hugo Chavez,

      Various Chinese politicians.


The good news that there are not enough hours in the day for Barry H Osama to be much worse than George.

In the interest of fairness

I point out the following article by Alexander Cockburn at Counterpunch.

Somewhere in late 2003 blaming everything on Bush became a national pastime and alibi. He took the hit for fifty years of venal failure by the city fathers of New Orleans and the legislators of Louisiana to protect their city. He’s even had to shoulder the blame for the Wall Street meltdown and the subprime crisis, for which Congressional legislators and overseers can far more justly be held responsible.


Bush leaves America a poorer but in some ways a better place, more conscious of its blessings. Just as it took bad King John to force the drafting of the Magna Carta, on Bush’s watch Americans have learned, amidst the threat of losing them, that they have constitutional protections. A commander in chief who made Jerry Ford sound like Demosthenes has given them a fresh sensitivity to language, even the dream that they might have a president who can speak in whole sentences.