Is the Chinese regime ready for Global leadership?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard posed the following question – “Who really thinks that China’s half-reformed Communist regime is ready for global leadership?”





Has supported or currently supporting Islamic terror groups/freedom fighters?



Iranian Sunni

Not known, paradoxically China has been known to support Islamic governments.

Invaded Afghanistan



Spending $400 for a US gallon (3.8l) of petrol in Afghanistan



Shares border with Afghanistan



Invaded countries in the last Century to expand political influence.

Yes – Panama, Cuba, Grenada, Haiti, Haiti, Lebanon, Vietnam etc

No – Tibet is a special case in that there is legal argument that Tibet was once part of China.

Has over 100 thousand troops occupying Oil-rich nation.



Bombed countries that it has never been at war with in the last century.

Yes (At least Laos and Cambodia)


Used to managing Billion plus population.



Expanded political influence by diplomacy alone



Has fought border skirmishes in last 100 years.

Yes – Mexico

Yes – India, USSR and Vietnam

Has Capital punishment for financial malfeasance



Has had double digit or near double digit growth in their economy over the last ten years?



Banks owned by the people



Banks subsidised by the people

Yes, Government (taxpayers) lends money to banks at 0% interest and borrows it back at 2%.


Winners of Nobel prizes in Economics living in the country

All the winners of the prize except one in the last ten years are resident in the USA.


Had terror incident at last Olympic games?

Yes – guilty party caught years later by rookie cop



When I reflected on the above question, I came to the startling conclusion that the Chinese leadership may actually be better qualified for global leadership than the USA.


G13 – President Hu cuts short visit, to return to China.

According to China Daily, President Hu will cut short his visit to the G13/G8 meeting in Italy. The official reason is the trouble or riots in Xinjiang. This is ominous. It means that President Hu feels that China will get nothing out of this meeting and there would be a beating about the ears over China’s human rights record. I cannot blame President Hu for not wanting to put up with this sort of nonsense.

While China has a way to go on human rights, a destabilised China would be far worse for us in Australia. We too have secret detention without trial, thank Prime Minsters John Howard and Kevin Rudd.

There is a certain three letter organisation that is infamous for funding and training people for the sorts of events like those that have occurred in Xinjiang. The Chinese are very suspiscious.

There are still 13 participants at L’Aquilia and as all those students of the Tarot will tell you 13 is the number of irreversible change of which Death is the most typical.


(My hundredth post is about 13.)




Don’t Say G13, Say G8 plus 5 plus Egypt

Today Wednesday various world leaders are going to get together to have a talk fest. According to the folks over at China Daily there are going to be two lots of talks, in one venue the G8 and the other venue G5







United Kingdom





South Africa









It gets more confusing because it also be called the G14 since Egypt has been invited. Also our glorious leader Kevin Rudd will be along for later meetings. My internal conspiracy theorist says that he is along to get the good word and bring it back to the party faithful. The invitation to Egypt is the most enigmatic.

The Courier Mail’s Cringe-Worthy Headline — Economic forecasts show Australia leads the world

The Courier Mail in Brisbane had an article with the cringe-worthy headlineEconomic forecasts show Australia leads the world.”

Nowhere in the entire body of the article is credit given to the architect of our success, the Premier of China, Wen Jia Bao (my favourite former geologist) who set the goal of 8% growth for this year and announced at Davos in January 2009.

Of course both major political parties would like to claim credit and in fairness both can claim some credit, the Coalition for building the war chest and the ALP for realising the seriousness of the crisis about 12 months late. Neither showed any awareness in the run up to the election of the Global Financial Crisis.

A better headline would have been, ” Crisis mitigated – Aussies are cheaper miners than Chinese.” We can get coal out of the ground in the Bowen Basin and ship it to Shanghai cheaper than the Chinese can do it. This may not be strictly true since the Chinese have to take something of value in exchange for all those salad shooters and margarita makers that we Australians like.




Thank you Premier Wen



Premier Wen, when he was in Davos, said that China’s goal was to grow the economy by 8% this year. He then outlined the plan that the Chinese government was going to implement.


One of the results has been that Australia has had a trade surplus of AU$ 5.1 Billion for the 1st quarter of 2009. We may even have small growth in the economy. My personal sentiment is that we will have growth in 2009.

We are still running a current account deficit, so life is not perfect and this also means that we are more in to an orbit around the Chinese economy.

From the Courier Mail.

Wind Power as a mature strategy for electricity generation for China, but bad news for Australia

From an article in the UK’s Daily Telegraph.
Is China really going green?

According to this article China has recently set goals of generating 100 GW of electricity from Wind and 70 GW from Nuclear by 2020. The thing that sticks out is that China is committing more to wind power generation than nuclear.

I accept that the goals may be lofty however China is a country that does not have to rely on popularity contests for its leadership. It does have severe punishments for bureaucrats that mess up. I would have to go with the track record and say that if China fails it will not be by much.

Both goals are substantial and while a significant amount of power will be generated by coal, Australians may have to rethink our growth projections for the coal industry.

Conspiracy Alert?

On Monday, the Prime Minister Lee Kuwin (Kevin Rudd) leaves for Washington saying that he will tell President Obama that the Chinese need a bigger say in the running of the world.

Wednesday, the Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon gets dropped in the shit. A close relationship with a Chinese-Australian business woman Helen Liu was revealed with the minister eventually admitting to two trips paid for by Ms Liu to China. The minister has only been in the job for nearly a year and half. The dirty laundry apparently fell off a DSD truck.

It may come as a surprise but the secret police do run a dossier on our elected leaders as soon as they have to be trusted with state secrets. Any dirty laundry would have been noted over a year ago. The timing is very curious.

Is the Government being cautioned? Is sailing too close to the China coast something that our glorious allies the USA and the UK do not want us to do?


Believe it or not, it is common practice to have these sort of trips to allow networking between various players. It is a two way street.


I am ambiguous about the following that the ABC posted

China trips business as usual, says Smith


But Professor Clive Williams, from the department of strategic and defence studies at the Australian National University, says there are dangers in powerful Australians having links to people close to the Chinese Government.

“China is very adept at manipulating people and one of the things that they often do is to get people to visit China and during the visit they’ll try and compromise them,” he said.

“They’ll almost certainly copy the contents of their laptop for further use in the future – that sort of thing.

“You’ve got to be very careful about how you deal with people that are close to the Chinese Government.”



I should point out all governments do the above, it is standard operating procedure. The USA and UK however do copy the files of the laptop, they get them off the network via Echelon.

Joel Fitzgibbon while apparently has a poor memory does come out of the NSW Labor party where should we say a certain degree of street smarts is acquired very early on.

Of course Joel Fitzgibbon may be the ALP version of Peter Reith.