Don’t Say G13, Say G8 plus 5 plus Egypt

Today Wednesday various world leaders are going to get together to have a talk fest. According to the folks over at China Daily there are going to be two lots of talks, in one venue the G8 and the other venue G5







United Kingdom





South Africa









It gets more confusing because it also be called the G14 since Egypt has been invited. Also our glorious leader Kevin Rudd will be along for later meetings. My internal conspiracy theorist says that he is along to get the good word and bring it back to the party faithful. The invitation to Egypt is the most enigmatic.


Kevin Rudd and Contact at 30 000 feet

PM apologises for mid-air meltdown

Kevin Rudd has apologised for verbally abusing a flight attendant on a Royal Australian Air Force flight earlier this year when the Prime Minister was not served the meal he wanted.

We see physiology in action. The Prime Minister gets hungry and seeks his food. His insulin levels are changing and so is his emotions as result of this. Somebody in catering stuffs up and the wrong meal is brough forward. The Prime minister acts like most hungry men, badly. Apparently one airforce trolly dolly was reduced to tears. Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo.

The Prime Minister did apologise.

Can somebody remind the cabin crew that they are in the defence forces and that they in theory are supposed to be able to take worse than a verbal bollocking. Is this the best our defence forces can do? This crew needs a reality check. This story just confims every prejudice that every ground pounder feels about the air farce. Knowing the air farce, they will nominating this sheila for a medal for bravery.

The Coalition has no business encouraging our defence force members to wimp out. Mr Tony Abbot need to be reminded that all our defence force members when they signed up, signed up to potentially die for the country and being sworn at by the Prime Minister while not necessarily spelt in the job description, is hardly the worst thing that could happen to you.

Conspiracy Alert?

On Monday, the Prime Minister Lee Kuwin (Kevin Rudd) leaves for Washington saying that he will tell President Obama that the Chinese need a bigger say in the running of the world.

Wednesday, the Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon gets dropped in the shit. A close relationship with a Chinese-Australian business woman Helen Liu was revealed with the minister eventually admitting to two trips paid for by Ms Liu to China. The minister has only been in the job for nearly a year and half. The dirty laundry apparently fell off a DSD truck.

It may come as a surprise but the secret police do run a dossier on our elected leaders as soon as they have to be trusted with state secrets. Any dirty laundry would have been noted over a year ago. The timing is very curious.

Is the Government being cautioned? Is sailing too close to the China coast something that our glorious allies the USA and the UK do not want us to do?


Believe it or not, it is common practice to have these sort of trips to allow networking between various players. It is a two way street.


I am ambiguous about the following that the ABC posted

China trips business as usual, says Smith


But Professor Clive Williams, from the department of strategic and defence studies at the Australian National University, says there are dangers in powerful Australians having links to people close to the Chinese Government.

“China is very adept at manipulating people and one of the things that they often do is to get people to visit China and during the visit they’ll try and compromise them,” he said.

“They’ll almost certainly copy the contents of their laptop for further use in the future – that sort of thing.

“You’ve got to be very careful about how you deal with people that are close to the Chinese Government.”



I should point out all governments do the above, it is standard operating procedure. The USA and UK however do copy the files of the laptop, they get them off the network via Echelon.

Joel Fitzgibbon while apparently has a poor memory does come out of the NSW Labor party where should we say a certain degree of street smarts is acquired very early on.

Of course Joel Fitzgibbon may be the ALP version of Peter Reith.

Hope for Success for Australia – 求成澳大利亚




Premier Wen Jiabao, hope for Australia

Premier Wen Jiabao, hope for Australia



In Jan 2009, the CIA World book listed estimated growth rates for 2008 for the following regions.

China, 9.8%, (GDP PPP – USD$ 7 800 Billion)
South Korea, 4.3%, (GDP PPP – USD$ 1 312 Billion)
Australia, 2.5%, (GDP PPP – USD$ 825 Billion)
European Union, 1.5%, (GDP PPP – USD$ 14 960 Billion)
USA, 1.4%, (GDP PPP – USD$ 14 580 Billion)
United Kingdom, 1.1%, (GDP PPP – USD$ 2 281 Billion)
Japan, 0.7%, (GDP PPP – USD$ 4 487 Billion)

On Wednesday 28 January 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao delivers the speech that anybody with brains was waiting for. Premier Wen is not a failed businessman, he is not a lawyer or an actor by training. Premier Wen is a bureaucrat whose primary training was as a geologist. Premier Wen announces that China has been set the goal of 8% growth in GDP in 2009 and although this growth target would be difficult, it was achievable. A matrix of policies would be used to reach this target. The stand out feature was that the Chinese government was going spend the equivalent of 16% of the 2007 GDP or 4 TRILLION yuan over two years.

Thanks to the magic of Google (to achieve ball park estimates.)
4 Trillion Yuan is about USD$ 585 billion or AUD$ 878 Billion. It is of the same order as the amount of money the USA burnt in Iraq from Mar 2003 to Aug 2008.

If Australia was doing something similar and scale it to Australian terms, the Australian Government would allocating USD$130 billion or AUD $195 billion over 2 years at the problem.

When China (I am an optimist) achieves its goal, it is going to add USD $625 billion to their economy, or the equivalent of three quarters of the total of the Australian economy to the Chinese economy or one Saudi Arabia equivalent.

The good news for Australia is that a lot of crumbs will fall off the table. If you live in a resource state, it is possible that that you might even miss the recession.

I still find it mind-blowing that no Australian media outlet picked up on this three days later.

I apologise to all Chinese people that our Prime Kevin Rudd 陆克文 was not there at Davos to given Premier Wen a standing ovation at the end of his speech.

Canberra, We have a problem! Cancel Davos!

It has just been announced that the prime minister will not be going to Davos this year. This has been an almost compulsory “knees up” for the worlds pollies.

Prime minister will not be eating this

Prime minister will not be eating this

The reason given is that the Australian economy is worsening.

I would suspect that there have been some serious cancellations of orders for coal and iron ore. This means all that is left of the Australian economy is selling houses to each other. It could be that the clouds on the horizon are those of a category 4 cyclone. Batten down the hatches and check the batteries.

In looking for background for this story.


“And we’ve had units with sea views dropping back to $325,000 from $350,000.”

Mr Harris said it was a chance to join the market, as management options allowed buyers to earn 11 months of revenue from their paradise then enjoy it for about four weeks a year.

“It’s probably the best way to have a home here and have an income.”

Christie Leet, of PRD Nationwide Whitsundays, said it was the best market he had ever seen.

“I’ve been here for 21 years and it’s the best that I’ve seen as far as affordability goes,” he said.

“The prices are low and the lending interest rates are low as well, which means they have great affordability.

“And there are some very motivated sellers out there – it’s a buyer’s market.”

Mr Harris said the prices wouldn’t go much lower.

“I don’t think we’ll see a lower price at this point,” he said.

“It’s a buyers market and it’s your turn to bargain.”

From the Mackay Mercury Buyers market for Whitsunday views

Yup! – Housing crash has reached the Whitsundays. When real estate agents in that part of the world admit to 10% drop, you know there is blood in the water. Currently the biggest generator of income in this region is from people who work on the coal mines in the Bowen Basin. They can easily reach 6 digit incomes, what is not apparent is that half the income of the miners is the coal bonus. This can be cut at any time slicing $10 k to $25 k from the household income.