G13 – President Hu cuts short visit, to return to China.

According to China Daily, President Hu will cut short his visit to the G13/G8 meeting in Italy. The official reason is the trouble or riots in Xinjiang. This is ominous. It means that President Hu feels that China will get nothing out of this meeting and there would be a beating about the ears over China’s human rights record. I cannot blame President Hu for not wanting to put up with this sort of nonsense.

While China has a way to go on human rights, a destabilised China would be far worse for us in Australia. We too have secret detention without trial, thank Prime Minsters John Howard and Kevin Rudd.

There is a certain three letter organisation that is infamous for funding and training people for the sorts of events like those that have occurred in Xinjiang. The Chinese are very suspiscious.

There are still 13 participants at L’Aquilia and as all those students of the Tarot will tell you 13 is the number of irreversible change of which Death is the most typical.


(My hundredth post is about 13.)





Prince of Wales looking like a King

Prince Charles with a bunch of civvies

Prince Charles with a bunch of civvies

I saw this picture over at China Daily.

A couple of questions came to mind. I could work out.

Some I could not solve.

Why is Stephen Harper wearing a striped tie?

Why does the president of the United States of America salute?

Why does the soldier with what looks like a light infantry beret directly behind the Prince of Wales have such long hair?

Under normal etiquette, Military salute Military or heads of state, civilians tip hats or brace/stand to attention. Prince Charles could salute but he is not in uniform.

I like this picture of Prince Charles and the way he has dressed. I could be proud of this man as the King of Australia. Prince Charles is the only (ex) Military man, even if it was in the senior service, in the above picture. I like the touch of wearing the regimental badges on the right lapel. Prince Charles is the colonel-in-chief of a couple of regiments.

Serendipity at China Daily or Kristina Koveshnikova


This is the 21st century. Here is a Siberian born New Zealander reading the news on a Chinese news website.
China Daily

If SBS (Special Broadcasting Service aka Sex before Soccer) ever want to capture the heterosexual male 14-80 demographic, they should get Kristina to read the news. This woman is on the Italian level for good-looking news readers.


I have just realised that this might be one of Kristina’s first fan posts. In my humble opinion Kristina is about to go global. Kristina, darling! you need at least a Facebook fan page.

On reflection, I feel that it is important to point out that Kristina is more than the obvious pretty face. This is a person who is fluent in Russian and English and can read both Western and Cyrillic alphabets. It is reasonable to assume that Kristina is comfortable in conversational Chinese. When you see what Kristina has achieved so far, some insight is given in to her personality. I would say that Kristina is a smart hard-working person who deserves every success.

Israel attacks on Gaza in planning for six months?

The China Daily has published an interesting article that argues that Israel has been planning this for six months.
Was Israel planning attacks for 6 months?


Unlike the confused and improvised Israeli response as the war against Hezbollah in Lebanon unfolded in 2006, Operation Cast Lead appears to have been carefully prepared over a long period.

Israeli media reports, by usually well-informed correspondents and analysts, alluded on Sunday to six months of intelligence-gathering to pinpoint Hamas targets including bases, weapon silos, training camps and the homes of senior officials. The Cabinet spent five hours discussing the plan in detail on December 19 and left the timing up to Ehud Olmert, the caretaker prime minister, and his defense minister Ehud Barak. Preparations involved disinformation and deception which kept Israel’s media in the dark. According to Ha’aretz, that also lulled Hamas into a sense of false security and allowed the initial aerial onslaught to achieve tactical surprise – and kill many of the more than 300 victims counted so far.

On the G20 meeting

The G20 meeting is a step up. At least there is a fairer representation of the worlds population. Not perfect since the EU gets five bites. Countries that should be there that aren’t are Nigeria, Iran, Egypt and Pakistan. The USA will expect that Mexico, Canada, UK and Australia will be in their corner. The EU block will be Germany, France and Italy with the EU itself and some moral support from Turkey. The rest will be factions unto them selves. Russia and Saudi Arabia have common interests. 

The joke is that Australia’s natural allies are Russia and Saudi Arabia. We cannot afford to alienate any of our Asian partners. An interesting time will be had by all.

It does look like China will announce what it thinks the US dollar should be worth. This is going to constrain US policy. This is going to be more important than the presidential reality show that has just finished.