A New America emerging – Garrison Keillor

It was more than Democrats feeling their oats or African-Americans celebrating the unimaginable, more than revulsion at the gang of bullheads who held power for too long. It was a huge gasp of pleasure at a new America emerging, a country we all tried to believe in, a nation that is curious and venturesome, more openhearted and public-spirited.

All kinds of people, the slim and sleek, the XXXLs, the heavily insulated, the carefree, and we moved through ranks of souvenir sellers — whatever else he may accomplish, Obama has been a boon to the pin and T-shirt trade — and in our slow trek toward the Capitol, one felt the enormity of the day for the black people around us. I wouldn’t try to express, I simply was grateful to be among it. Old ladies with sore feet hauled themselves along.

Garrison Keillor, Slate – read all of it at Slate

Garrison Keillor is on my list of Americans I would like to meet.

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Barack Obama born in Kenya – only in spirit.

Anne and future president

Ann Dunham and future president

The claims for the physical birth of Barack Obama in Kenya just don’t add up.

Brown babies born to white American women in Kenya in 1961 would have very rare events. It would have been a newsworthy event and published in either or both the Standard and the Nation. White American women were trophy wives and as such would been displayed not hidden. Barack Senior was the equivalent of a prince among his people, so political aspirations would have been forced upon him. Throw in his religion and I am sure that Barack jnr would have made the front page of the Nation newspaper started by the Aga Khan.

Assuming that at the worst case, somehow Barack jnr had a stealth birth in the bush somewhere in Kenya, at least two organisations would have kept tabs on the birth, the USA State department (monitoring a potential friend to the USA), and the British Foreign office via the Kenyan Special Branch (political) police. Add in the claim that somehow Barack Jnr was somehow smuggled half way around the world during the height of the cold war. Somebody must be dreaming.

When Barack Obama was elected to the Senate, I am sure in Kenya that they would have dug up the archives and produced the proof of birth if Barack had been born in Kenya.

A more rational explanation, the claim by Barack Jnr’s Aunt that he was born in Kenya is a very poetic way of describing how he is perceived in Kenya, Barack is claimed by Kenya. This is on a par with the way John F Kennedy was claimed by the Irish.