Boerewors – variations on a theme

I find boerewors pleasant both hot and cold so I tend to cook more that I can eat at a sitting.

I was raised to believe that it could only be grilled or barbequed/braaied.

However baking/roasting in the oven is easier.

Could I suggest the following?

    Bread support.

Place enough slices of bread on a tray under the boerewors to make a bed for the Boerewors and then place the tray in the oven to cook. I cooked the boerewors in the oven at 180deg C until cooked turning halfway through. In more scientific terms, put in the oven at the beginning of “Neighbours”, turn at the beginning of “Home and Away.” and it will be ready to eat at the end of “Home and Away”.  Vary to your own tastes. I like my sausage a little dry. The bread sort of fries in the dripping from the sausage.

Eat with the relish or salad of your choice, I like a puttanesca variant.


Using the standard yellow polenta, I have used freshly cooked polenta as a base to cook the boerewors. The polenta sort of roasts. The sausage stays moist and may not brown as easily. Again the polenta will absorb the dripping off of the sausage.

The bread will not receive the Heart Foundation seal of approval.


Comfort food –

Flavours from my youth,

Tonight I had

Peasant Sausage

Tomato compote

White Polenta

That makes it sound more expensive than


Tamatie sous


The sadza, and the folks I grew up with would laught at me, was not as stiff as it should be. Leftover sadza (polenta) was allowed to cool on a tray for polenta chips for tomorrow’s lunch. This idea was sourced from Judy Rodgers’ “the Zuni Cafe cookbook.”

Boerewors is that strange sausage that Australians get used to seeing in places where Southern Africans have settled. 

Notes on the Boerewors

The boerewors is local from Paynes Butchery. I baked it on a scanpan instead of my usual in a cast iron frying pan on the stove top.

I ran low on olive oil so more butter was used on the tomato sauce. All vegetables were purchased at the local markets.


The leftovers were enjoyed over the following 2 days. The Tomato sauce was varied with addition of feta cheese and almonds.