Uncle Kevins Helicoptor drop

Ben Bernanke once suggested dropping currency to stimulate the economy, well the Australian government has just started a AU$10 Billion drop. It is formally known as Lump sum Economic Security Strategy Payment. Essentially 10 million Australians each get AU$1000. Uncle Wayne wants us not to waste it on paying down debts but to spend it.  Before people get too excited, the Coalition did something like this in 2003. If this delivers a decent stimulus to the economy expect it to be duplicated elsewhere in the OECD. Australia’s 21 million population is not a bad size for modelling this kind of experiment.

Out of idle curiosity I tried to estimate what the Duggar family would get if they lived in Australia and not in Arkansas.  http://www.duggarfamily.com/index.html

At maximum, it looks like Jim Bob and  Michelle would be eligible for AU$14 thousand. The eldest three kids would get their own separate payments if they were eligible. Michelle would also be eligible for the baby bonus of Au$5000 for child 18.

For those people who might think a baby bonus is madness, Australia has a lower birth rate than China which allegedly has a one child policy.


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