The original Bilibaldi was Bilibaldi Pirkeymheri (aka Bilibaldus Pirckheimer/Willibald Pirckheimer) who was one of Albrecht Durers patrons, well-to-do gent about town, senior politician of Nuremburg and most importantly book collector.

The author of this blog reserves the right to hold unusual opinions and religious beliefs. He has listed in the last three Australian census that he is a member of the Church of Elvis and holds that the Australian Bureau of Statistics is breaking its own charter if it fails to record this fact. However his religious beliefs are are an amalgam of traditional Shona belief, poorly understood Catholicism, Taoism, Buddhism, and personal experience. He also suspects that he may have been influenced by Islam, Judaism and Sikh and Jain belief. He feels that there may not be enough time in his life explore all the insights offered by great thinkers of his time like Michael Leunig, Kurt Vonnegurt, Richard Bach, Caroline Myss and Stephen King.


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. One day, I’m coming to Australia, and we’ll grab a beer…

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