Goodbye Princess Sparkle Pony

It always is sad when good blog reaches the end of its life. Peteykins the author of Princess Sparkle Pony has decided not to continue Princess Sparkle Pony.

This blog is a good read and I would encourage anyone to read it while it is still up for the art and the gentle humour. (PSP has more talent in her little hoof tip than I have in my whole body)

Thank you Princess Sparkle Pony and I wish you all the best for the future.


Bill Clinton in Toronto, a missed opportunity



Bill Clinton spoke at an event at the CNE or “Ex” the equivalent of Brisbanes “Ekka.” It would have gold if they had arranged to get Bubbles to sing “Liquor and Whores” with him.

Stuart Wilde on the future value of a Lamborghini

Stuart Wilde predicting the future value of a Lamborghini.


or Stuart Wilde on value of a fast car

According to Stuart you will be able to buy this car out of the money in the petty cash tin in October 2011. For the pedants, Stuart threw a EUR20 note on the car and used the approximation of US$40 and Australia I would accept that this prophecy would be fulfilled if the car could be bought for the equivalent of AUD$50 in 2009 dollars and the event took place anywhere in the world.

On reflection on this video, a Lamborghini while possessing great design and engineering really has has one major single use and that is status symbol or for the vulgar, chick magnet. It is amazing how limited the places that you could actually drive this car. Would you even dare to take a child to school in fear that some soccer mum in a Toorak/Chelsea tractor or worse some senior with poor eyesight and on mind-altering meds might dent your car. You are even hard pressed to fit a weeks groceries in the car. (Yes, I know, if you own one of these then somebody else does the shopping.)

There is the minor use as a an alternate store of wealth. A surprising number of these cars are simply shrink-wrapped and destined to be sold by future heirs and heiresses to fund their lifestyles.

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26th (Non) Wedding anniversary

It has been more than a quarter of a century since I was married.

The year I was joined in the state of matrimony, the following current events occured.

  • Canaan Banana was (titular) president of Zimbabwe.
  • P W Botha was prime minister of South Africa.
  • Nelson Mandela was still in jail.
  • It was still illegal to have sex or get married across the colour line in South Africa.
  • Popular struggle meant that 16 June now was an unofficial public holiday in South Africa.
  • The television series “Dynasty” was stopping South Africa.
  • Bob Hawke was prime minister of Australia.
  • Australia was watching “Sons and Daughters.”
  • The Soviet Union was fighting an expensive guerilla war in Afghanistan against the Taliban and its allies who included the CIA trained Osama Bin Laden.
  • Naas Botha still had a magic boot and winning games for Northern Transvaal.
  • Alan Bond won the Americas cup.

Margaret Bourke-White – Japan June 1952, Orphans of Occupation


Thanks to Google source:Life



By-blows of Occupation of Japan

By-blows of Occupation of Japan

 Large picture

Japan Essay
Date taken: June 1952
Photographer: Margaret Bourke-White
Size: 1280 x 983 pixels (17.8 x 13.7 inches)

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The editors of Life magazine must have had a fit when they saw this photo (one of three in the Japan essay and likely not used). At first glance it looks like a group of Japanese children with a minder. On closer inspection you notice that these children are of mixed descent and there are two nuns in the background. This suggests that this was taken at an orphanage or school and these are the orphans of occupation. (Look how we are fighting the cold war, people, or proof positive somebody has been making love, not war.)

Margaret Bourke-White was no fool and this was probably her way of reminding people back home that the USA needed a policy to deal with these children. More than half a century later, it is very difficult to convey the feelings that this picture would invoked because there had been for decades, the theme of the yellow peril and since 1940 propaganda against first the Japanese, then the Communist Chinese.


Note to Americans, Australia did a very poor job with their orphans of occupation, we just left them behind.

Right-Wing Tabloid says Communist not Communist enough – Need to learn to share

Item republished in the UK Daily Telegraph.

It seems that it is the communists fault. If only they would share more and saved so much money. Premier Wen Jiabao needs to be more caring.

From Edward Hadas at

Chinese premier Wen needs to think of the greater global good
Wen Jiabao, the Chinese Prime Minster, has told the Financial Times that “it is completely confusing right and wrong” to blame generous lenders for the problems of reckless borrowers.

He is talking about countries not consumers, and his logic puts China on the moral high ground. His stance is unhelpful.
The comments were a riposte to the charge that China should share some of the blame for the financial crisis, having used too much its vast trade surplus – 6pc of GDP in 2008 and the source of $2 trillion in foreign currency reserves – to buy US government debt.
Those accusing China of bad practice, a group which includes new US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, say those funds provided the fuel for the credit boom, now turned bust. China has lent foolishly, they say, and should be punished.
Wen has quite a different understanding of good and bad behaviour. In the interview, he compares profligate borrowers, mainly the US, with Zhu Ba Jie, a fallen deity who is part-human and part-pig. The character in the Chinese epic tale Journey to the West is famously gluttonous and refuses to take good advice.
From a purely Chinese perspective, it’s hard to argue with Wen. A consistently cheap renminbi helped create hundreds of millions of jobs, spread skills and virtually eliminate poverty. The government even let the currency rise by 20pc over three years, only stopping the steady revaluation when the crisis hit in 2008.
But maintaining this China-first attitude will make it harder to find a resolution to the financial mess. However the fault is apportioned, everyone is now involved.
China has much to contribute to a solution which will also be to its own benefit: a commitment to move steadily to eliminate the trade surplus, a promise not to dump dollars on the market and an agreement not to take desperate measures to stop the domestic growth rate from falling.
People and nations can be persuaded to sacrifice short-term self-interest for the greater good. Indeed, industrial prosperity and global trade depend on the widespread willingness to share pains and limit gains. Wen – and his counterparts around the world – should keep their eyes on the greater good.

It looks like no matter what China does it cannot win. Please look at Premier Wen’s Davos speech, he outlines what China is doing but he also said China could not rescue the World alone.

For better article please see China Hand and read – China to Obama:

    “Nice T-Bill Auction Ya Got There…Hate to See Anything Happen to It”

XKCD – playing a Piano joke.

Terrific variation on a old joke.