Fukushima, the Worlds worst Industrial or nuclear accident, or Goodbye Japanese

Radio-activity destroys fertility.

Australia’s first uranium mine was at a place called Rum Jungle (rum as in strange not drink), since the aboriginal folks had noted that this was a place to avoid, since any group that lived there didn’t survive long.

It is possible to argue that that the low fertility rates in the Ukraine and Belarus are due to the economy. It is very hard to find in English, fertlilty rates for specific districts in these countrys.

It is possible however to compare the fertility rate for Cumbria, the home of Britains worst nuclear accident (the Windscale fire) and compare it to London. Nearly two generations later Cumbria has a fertility rate 20% lower than that of London.

Fukushima is the Worlds worst nuclear accident and it is converting the fertilty rate of the northen part of the island of Honshu to something resembling that of an old age home.


Why Jill Jordan was a Great Australian

Why do I consider Jill Jordan a Great Australian?

Jill through her life and works showed that it is possible to change the world. Try to grok that concept.

This is such a revolutionary concept that even the Australian Broadcasting corporation would only give her 15 minutes or half of an “Australian Story”. Jill probably only got this because the late Andrew Olley pulled strings.

Our current model which based on 20th century and Piscean thinking goes something like, if you have a problem, beg the government/corporation to help you. If you beg long enough and to the right people, some panjandrum in a corner office might notice you. The point is that your only power is that of begging.

Jill showed that not only that you can fix your problems yourself but how to do it.

Jill did have some notable losses, the most famous being the Woodford folk festival. (It should have been the Maleny folk festival). The tourist spin off still helps Maleny it was not a total loss.

Jill Jordan, a great Australian passes

JILL JORDAN: I think they just couldn’t be bothered with us. They thought we were a mob of fools, I think. It’s really only been through doing the sorts of things that we’ve done, by getting involved in starting co-operatives and so on and really having an economic impact on the town that probably many of them have changed their minds. After I’d been living up here for about a year I sat on a knoll up at the top of the valley up here. It’s a funny thing to say, but I swear that the land spoke to me and said, “You need other people here to help you look after this.” And it was at that stage that I decided that I would form a community.

From Australian Story http://www.abc.net.au/austory/transcripts/s355648.htm


Jill Jordan was not some wooly-headed idealist but a very practical person

Jill’s factors for sustainability in community enterprise.

  • Sound financial base
  • Good management
  • Flexibility (to change with changing needs)
  • Broad base of members to encourage/maximise involvement
  • Accessible training opportunities
  • Ensuring people are doing what they love to do
  • Valuing everybodies contribution.


I never met Jill Jordan but her work in Maleny inspired thousands of Australians including myself.




Get ready for 21st Century economics

Please note Marc Faber predicts the collapse of the US dollar leading to currency reform. Amero anyone?
Note to the Australian Prime Minister. Marc says that Afghanistan is a bottomless barrel, please get us out.

But wait there is more.




The economist Marc praises is John Taylor of Stanford University

Stuart Wilde on the future value of a Lamborghini

Stuart Wilde predicting the future value of a Lamborghini.


or Stuart Wilde on value of a fast car

According to Stuart you will be able to buy this car out of the money in the petty cash tin in October 2011. For the pedants, Stuart threw a EUR20 note on the car and used the approximation of US$40 and Australia I would accept that this prophecy would be fulfilled if the car could be bought for the equivalent of AUD$50 in 2009 dollars and the event took place anywhere in the world.

On reflection on this video, a Lamborghini while possessing great design and engineering really has has one major single use and that is status symbol or for the vulgar, chick magnet. It is amazing how limited the places that you could actually drive this car. Would you even dare to take a child to school in fear that some soccer mum in a Toorak/Chelsea tractor or worse some senior with poor eyesight and on mind-altering meds might dent your car. You are even hard pressed to fit a weeks groceries in the car. (Yes, I know, if you own one of these then somebody else does the shopping.)

There is the minor use as a an alternate store of wealth. A surprising number of these cars are simply shrink-wrapped and destined to be sold by future heirs and heiresses to fund their lifestyles.

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The Courier Mail’s Cringe-Worthy Headline — Economic forecasts show Australia leads the world

The Courier Mail in Brisbane had an article with the cringe-worthy headlineEconomic forecasts show Australia leads the world.”

Nowhere in the entire body of the article is credit given to the architect of our success, the Premier of China, Wen Jia Bao (my favourite former geologist) who set the goal of 8% growth for this year and announced at Davos in January 2009.

Of course both major political parties would like to claim credit and in fairness both can claim some credit, the Coalition for building the war chest and the ALP for realising the seriousness of the crisis about 12 months late. Neither showed any awareness in the run up to the election of the Global Financial Crisis.

A better headline would have been, ” Crisis mitigated – Aussies are cheaper miners than Chinese.” We can get coal out of the ground in the Bowen Basin and ship it to Shanghai cheaper than the Chinese can do it. This may not be strictly true since the Chinese have to take something of value in exchange for all those salad shooters and margarita makers that we Australians like.




BMW = Burn My Wheels


BMW = Burn My Wheels

From a Der Spiegel article http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,631435,00.html on arson attacks on cars in Berlin.

Der Spiegel describes it as leftist violence. I just hope it does not turn out be done by Neo-Nazi Persians because that would be too confusing. We should never forget the usual suspects, with the downturn in the global economy there is the temptation to solve car payment problems with a match and blame it on anarchists.


Danger Crisis zone

burning porsche

A Porsche Cayenne no longer burning down the Autobahn.

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