Stuart Wilde on the future value of a Lamborghini

Stuart Wilde predicting the future value of a Lamborghini.


or Stuart Wilde on value of a fast car

According to Stuart you will be able to buy this car out of the money in the petty cash tin in October 2011. For the pedants, Stuart threw a EUR20 note on the car and used the approximation of US$40 and Australia I would accept that this prophecy would be fulfilled if the car could be bought for the equivalent of AUD$50 in 2009 dollars and the event took place anywhere in the world.

On reflection on this video, a Lamborghini while possessing great design and engineering really has has one major single use and that is status symbol or for the vulgar, chick magnet. It is amazing how limited the places that you could actually drive this car. Would you even dare to take a child to school in fear that some soccer mum in a Toorak/Chelsea tractor or worse some senior with poor eyesight and on mind-altering meds might dent your car. You are even hard pressed to fit a weeks groceries in the car. (Yes, I know, if you own one of these then somebody else does the shopping.)

There is the minor use as a an alternate store of wealth. A surprising number of these cars are simply shrink-wrapped and destined to be sold by future heirs and heiresses to fund their lifestyles.

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