Serendipity at China Daily or Kristina Koveshnikova


This is the 21st century. Here is a Siberian born New Zealander reading the news on a Chinese news website.
China Daily

If SBS (Special Broadcasting Service aka Sex before Soccer) ever want to capture the heterosexual male 14-80 demographic, they should get Kristina to read the news. This woman is on the Italian level for good-looking news readers.


I have just realised that this might be one of Kristina’s first fan posts. In my humble opinion Kristina is about to go global. Kristina, darling! you need at least a Facebook fan page.

On reflection, I feel that it is important to point out that Kristina is more than the obvious pretty face. This is a person who is fluent in Russian and English and can read both Western and Cyrillic alphabets. It is reasonable to assume that Kristina is comfortable in conversational Chinese. When you see what Kristina has achieved so far, some insight is given in to her personality. I would say that Kristina is a smart hard-working person who deserves every success.


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