Prince of Wales looking like a King

Prince Charles with a bunch of civvies

Prince Charles with a bunch of civvies

I saw this picture over at China Daily.

A couple of questions came to mind. I could work out.

Some I could not solve.

Why is Stephen Harper wearing a striped tie?

Why does the president of the United States of America salute?

Why does the soldier with what looks like a light infantry beret directly behind the Prince of Wales have such long hair?

Under normal etiquette, Military salute Military or heads of state, civilians tip hats or brace/stand to attention. Prince Charles could salute but he is not in uniform.

I like this picture of Prince Charles and the way he has dressed. I could be proud of this man as the King of Australia. Prince Charles is the only (ex) Military man, even if it was in the senior service, in the above picture. I like the touch of wearing the regimental badges on the right lapel. Prince Charles is the colonel-in-chief of a couple of regiments.


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