Conspiracy Alert?

On Monday, the Prime Minister Lee Kuwin (Kevin Rudd) leaves for Washington saying that he will tell President Obama that the Chinese need a bigger say in the running of the world.

Wednesday, the Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon gets dropped in the shit. A close relationship with a Chinese-Australian business woman Helen Liu was revealed with the minister eventually admitting to two trips paid for by Ms Liu to China. The minister has only been in the job for nearly a year and half. The dirty laundry apparently fell off a DSD truck.

It may come as a surprise but the secret police do run a dossier on our elected leaders as soon as they have to be trusted with state secrets. Any dirty laundry would have been noted over a year ago. The timing is very curious.

Is the Government being cautioned? Is sailing too close to the China coast something that our glorious allies the USA and the UK do not want us to do?


Believe it or not, it is common practice to have these sort of trips to allow networking between various players. It is a two way street.


I am ambiguous about the following that the ABC posted

China trips business as usual, says Smith


But Professor Clive Williams, from the department of strategic and defence studies at the Australian National University, says there are dangers in powerful Australians having links to people close to the Chinese Government.

“China is very adept at manipulating people and one of the things that they often do is to get people to visit China and during the visit they’ll try and compromise them,” he said.

“They’ll almost certainly copy the contents of their laptop for further use in the future – that sort of thing.

“You’ve got to be very careful about how you deal with people that are close to the Chinese Government.”



I should point out all governments do the above, it is standard operating procedure. The USA and UK however do copy the files of the laptop, they get them off the network via Echelon.

Joel Fitzgibbon while apparently has a poor memory does come out of the NSW Labor party where should we say a certain degree of street smarts is acquired very early on.

Of course Joel Fitzgibbon may be the ALP version of Peter Reith.


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