Wanktackular and cuntpallet

To help the language evolve as it must –

“Shut the fuck up you absolute cuntpallet! Keep it to yourself you steaming kettle full of day-old cill-warmed pus!”


Anyway, I’ve watched the ad, and I totally understand the message – that home is where the tay is – and you’re not far wrong there, Barry’s, because tay does reek of home and all things homely, but I would just like to point out that your timing is





All proper attribution should be paid to Sweary at her famous and award winning blog Arse-end of Ireland. Immediate goals in life is to try and insert above words into everyday language.

Peter Garrett

Peter Garrett

Dear Mr Peter Garrett, Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts,

Please may I have some free money so that I can help our language incorporate such new and useful words as above.

Yours sincerely


PS – all proceeds will be shared fairly with Sweary.

PPS – wantackular – Peter Garrett dancing style
The Chaser parody is better than the real thing.


One Response

  1. BB-

    Here are some new words that you can pimp to Mr. Midnight Oil;

    “Bizzane” a hybrid of bizarre and insane. Appropriate adjective for our times.

    “Polyglossalalia” A form of complex lies told as turths, mostly achieved by high-level politicians.

    “Circumseason” Usually coincides with tax time in the US.

    “Masterberate” Describes someone that literally gets off on treating someone like a lesser life form.

    Good luck with your project and I’d like at least 1-2% for these choice new words with an option for at least ten more moving forward.

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