Spot the cheese-eating Surrender Monkeys


From the Brisbane Times


Israeli troops halted a diplomatic convoy carrying France’s consul general Alain Remy at the Erez crossing on Tuesday and held it for six hours as it left the Gaza Strip and returned to Jerusalem, the foreign ministry said.

“The convoy, which included other European diplomats, was subject to two warning shots from Israeli soldiers,” ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier told reporters.

Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner summoned Israeli Ambassador Daniel Shek “to protest this unacceptable incident and demand an explanation,” he said.


Cheese-eating Surrender Monkey?

Cheese-eating Surrender Monkey?


If Europe would like to hint to Israel about who has the power all they have to do announce an audit of money transfers to Israel over suspicion of money laundering in regard drug trafficking and hold them up for 3 months, after all this is what the Israelis have done to the Palestinians. According the CIA World book in regard to illicit drugs -” increasingly concerned about ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin abuse; drugs arrive in country from Lebanon and, increasingly, from Jordan; money-laundering center.”

Will this happen?

Prince Karel Schwartzenberg Zionist Prince

Prince Karel Schwartzenberg "Zionist Prince"

The current President of the EU Karel Schwarzenberg has been described as a “Friend of Israel, a Zionist Prince.” From Haaretz


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