Who Learned these Pollies

Rod Welford – more qualifications than you can shake a stick at.

Captain Anna Bligh – Bachelor of Arts from UQ 

In Queensland we have the unerring ability to go to the USA and the UK study how they do things and return to immediately implement the worst of what they do.

Practice tests to get QLD students up to speed

Queensland schools have done poorly in tests. So what is the solution, train Queensland school children to pass the tests, not do the more expensive option of actually improving the education that the testing was supposed to measure. (Who would want to be a teacher?) We have fallen into the known trap of teaching to the test. Did any of you think this through?

There seems to be thousands of Education Queensland employees, why haven’t one of you actually pointed this out to Rod Welford?

Mr Kerry Shine – you are another smart man, why haven’t pointed this out to your fellow cabinet colleagues?

As for Lawrence Springborg being smart enough to see the obvious problem, well that is why he is in opposition.

May be the fluoride is starting to hit the brains of the above pollies.


2 Responses

  1. The Education Queensland employees who count (ie teachers) *cannot contact the minister*. EQ rules are strict about the lines of communication, and they could land in deep water.

    The teachers are the ones who carry the blame when things go wrong, but they are continually burdened with bullshit like this.

    To quote you, for truth: “Who would want to be a teacher?”

    • What I find bloody annoying that there somebody called Rachel Hunter, not the model, who is the head of the department whose job it is to the minister when the minister is being very bold. Since Rachel Hunter has been under Rod Welford for six years, if she can’t tell him nobody can. (Only a pure professional relationship is implied.)

      I have worked out where the creative part comes from in the slogan “clever, skilled, creative.”

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