Linda Robinson on Radio National (Aust BC) Saturday Extra

Geraldine Doogue interviewed Linda on General David Petraeus and his “successful” surge in Iraq. It was a lovely interview about what an innovator General Petraeus is, etc. Currently the US ( and Australia) has about 140 000 troops in Iraq. Linda ended the interviewing by saying that if the US troops are withdrawn then the current Iraqi government will fail. Doing the google exercise, and reading the extracts of her book “Tell me how this ends”  and based on the interview Linda knows her stuff on Iraq. 

What Petraeus did with his surge was finally get enough bayonets to do more or less everything. A lot of pain might have been avoided if they listened to General Eric Shinseki in the first place. However the occupation is draining the US treasury. Just as the American war in Vietnam became too expensive for the USA, so too is this war. Taxes are going to have to be increased in the US to pay for this war. Increasing taxes on declining economy – recipe for revolution.  

If I could ask Linda a question it would be this, is Victory affordable?

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